Practical, Hands-On And Focused

Wilderness Pioneers tuition is practical, hands on, and focused on teaching you new wilderness, indigenous and bushcraft skills. Our tuition is relaxed and at a pace to suit the group or individual we’re teaching and everything we teach is genuine and useful for both the young and old, girls and boys.

Have Fun While Learning

Our first priority is for you and your group to have a lot of fun whilst learning with us and for you to be totally satisfied with your new found knowledge and skills. We also aim to teach our younger guests teamwork, life skills, respect and understanding of others, self-reliance, confidence in the outdoors and respect for our natural world, which are all important skills for any young person.

Learn Wisdom And Knowledge

On our courses you will learn wisdom and knowledge of our natural habitats and the understanding and self-reliance those habitats demand. For multi-day courses we do not finish at 5 o’clock each day! We want you to learn as much as you can during your time with us. If you have any questions or need a little more practice at anything you have learnt, our instructors are always on hand and will be happy to guide you until late into the evening if you wish.

Learn A Specific Skill

Likewise, if you have a specific skill you’d like to learn that may not be covered on the course you are attending, we will be happy to help you out as long as time permits.

Step Back In Time

You will be able to take a step back to a time when life was conducted at a far more gentle pace, spend top quality time with your friends, have a jolly good laugh, and learn skills together that you can take away and continue having a shared interest in.

Popular With Youth Groups

On multi-day courses with accommodation, we will teach basic cooking and techniques in the evenings where a kitchen is available. This is popular with youth groups and everyone will have the opportunity to contribute a bit to the meal. We can also play some outdoor games and may even relate you some old spooky stories! In our increasingly hectic world our courses are fun and a chance to forget, just for a while, those brown envelopes and general chaos that is modern life.

Course Booking

Telephone Manse on 07527 265 330 to book a course,
or email for further information.

Manse Ahmad


Manse is the founder of Wilderness Pioneers. He grew up in Oxford and spent many hours as a youngster exploring Oxfordshire’s countryside, learning about and studying the wildlife and flora of the area. Read More About Manse…

Mark Aspell


Mark has lived and worked in Oxfordshire all his life. His interest with nature and the countryside started in his youth as his first position was as a Gamekeeper at a large working estate within the county. Mark has spent time in the jungles of Borneo; learning…  Read More About Mark…