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People are increasingly travelling to wilderness destinations around the world, and wanting to learn the ways of our ancestors. This course is ideal to learn the more advanced skills of bushcraft, and continues on from our Introduction courses. It aims to give you a greater depth and understanding of the subject and increase your skills and knowledge to the next level.

Ideally, you will have attended our Introduction To Bushcraft course to benefit the most from this course.

Advanced Bushcraft

On this 5 day course course you will look at more advanced Bushcraft and Survival techniques.

The course aims to make you less reliant on modern materials, and be able to look at the natural world as the massive resource base that it is.

This is the ideal course for travelers who are planning trips in some of our world’s remote locations and those wishing to upgrade their Bushcraft skill base to the next level.

You will look in detail at:

  • Emergency signaling techniques
  • Natural containers
  • Water procurement
  • Wild food plants
  • Advanced trapping techniques
  • Primitive/aboriginal cooking methods
  • Shelter building using various natural materials
  • Advance fire lighting techniques using natural materials
  • Cordage making
  • Primitive fishing equipment and techniques
  • Manufacture and use of stone tools

All these disciplines will be covered in far greater detail than on our Introduction to Bushcraft course and our 5 day Pioneer Bushcraft course. You will need to have a good basic knowledge of Bushcraft or have attended our Introduction to Bushcraft (as a minimum) to get the best out of this course. Please be aware this is not a beginners course and will not be suitable for you if you are new to Bushcraft.

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Blowing a natural tinder bundle into flames
Primitive skills & Crafts
Bark containers
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Course info.

Cost £495.00
Course duration 5 days
Course size 10 participants maximum
Course start time 10.30 am Day 1
Course end time 4.30pm Day 5
Suitability 18 years and above
Location  Oxfordshire