Bushcraft and Survival core skills in a day.

This Bushcraft experience has been designed for those who have an interest in Bushcraft, but are unsure about committing to a longer course, or do not have to the time to do so.

Despite it only being one day, it is surprising how much has been fitted in ; you will look at, and practice many of the core skills of bushcraft and survival.

The experience has been designed and developed to introduce you to not only the skills, but also the philosophy behind bushcraft and what we at Wilderness Pioneers strongly believe in.

Professional and experienced Instructors.

Why not spend a lovely day in a beautiful woodland and learn some new skills, such a fire lighting, a bit of backwoods cooking. During the course, our professional and experienced instructors will gently guide you in your learning of the core skills of bushcraft and survival. By learning these skills you will gain a better understanding of and greater confidence in the natural world.

A full day of instruction.

This is a packed day where you will be learning lots of skills, and will run for the entire day. The course starts at 10am and finishes at 5pm, a full day of learning!

Skills taught.

  • Shelters: both man made and natural;
  • Safe site selection for shelters;
  • Learning about various fire lighting methods;
  • Where to find and utilise natural tinders;
  • How to manage a fire safely and efficiently;
  • How to prepare food and cook over an open fire;
  • Learning about the many useful plants and trees;
  • How to find water and make it safe to drink;
  • And much more.

Course info



Course size

15 participants maximum

Course times

10.00am to 5.00pm

Course duration

1 day



Flint and Steel fire lighting with Charcloth
Fire steel and feather sticks
Party -600x400
Panassed Trout
Cooking over open fire
Success in fire lighting

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April 15th 2023 – Oxfordshire

June 17th 2023 – Oxfordshire

July 15th 2022 – Oxfordshire 

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