Ancient Fire Lighting Skill

Making fire is a very ancient skill that our distant ancestors would have employed. Fire gives us warmth and light, dries our clothes, purifies our water, cooks our food, protects us from wild animals and can help us signal when lost amongst many other things. It is a very important skill to learn.

On this packed full day, you will learn how to make fire using a variety of techniques and methods; from the ultra modern to the ancient. You will walk away with a depth of knowledge that you can use anywhere in the world.

Natural Materials

You will learn to recognise and gather the materials and natural tinders to use for this method of fire lighting. You will fashion your own bow drill set and learn how to use it and you can take your set away with you for further practice.

Accomplishment And Freedom

Learning fire by friction gives an individual an enormous sense of accomplishment and freedom knowing you can create fire at will using only nature’s materials. We will also look at fire lays and other methods of fire lighting such as flint and steel and methods used long ago.

Course Info

Course duration 1 Day
Cost £90.00
Course size 12 participants maximum
Course times 10.00am – 4.00pm
Suitability 18 years and over
Location Oxfordshire
Catering Please bring a packed lunch

Bow drill
Blowing a tinder bundle into flames
Glowing char cloth achieved by striking Flint and Steel
Fire can be achieved by most age groups.

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