Can you cope in the Stone Age?

Do you think that you could survive in the Stone Age?

Could you give up all modern technology and survive using just stone tools?

This weekend course will give you an opportunity to find out if you could survive in the stone age. We will take you back to an era when metal did not exist and teach you how a Stone Age person might have lived.


During the weekend you will learn the huge range of skills that would have been used in the Stone Age. You will look at:

  • Animal preparation and utilization of a ALL parts of the animal, including; butchery, Smoking and preserving of meat and hide preparation and tanning
  • Making and using hunting tools
  • Cordage making
  • Fire lighting
  • Palaeo cooking
  • Making containers
  • Basic flint knapping

And much more…

Special Guests

To help you understand the Stone Age era further we will have Archaeologists from Oxford University visiting you during the weekend.

Not only will they demonstrate the various skills, but they will also explain the currently held theories and concepts, so allowing you to develop a deeper understanding.

Small Group Size

To help you get the most out of your Stone Age Experience, we have kept the group size to a maximum of four. This will allow you greater individual time with our experienced instructors, making the best and most of your time with us.

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Course Info

Duration 3 days
Cost £550.00
Course size 4 Participants maximum (2 minimum)
Course start time 6.30pm Day 1
Course finish time 4.30pm Day 3
Suitability 18 years and older
Location Oxfordshire
Catering Fully catered