Back Country Cooking

Come along and learn about back country cooking techniques from around the world.

What We Will Be Doing

We will teach you how to prepare and light a fire using ancient methods. You will also learn different fire lays and fire maintenance, prepare vegetables, meat, poultry, fish, game, bread and bannock and show you an incredible range of ways to cook them in the outdoors using improvised cooking methods and utensils. You will also learn about foraging for wild foods/plants and teas/tisanes – A fantastic fun day and you go home with a full belly!

Cooking Without Pots & Pans

As well as minimal use of cooking utensils, you will come away from this course having learnt many ways of cooking in the wilderness without the need for pots and pans using just what can be found in nature. You will be able to light and maintain a cooking fire without the use of matches, lighters, charcoal or man made fuels. An important survival skill, and not to mention learning these many methods will make that back-pack lighter as you can leave some or all of the pots and pans at home.

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