Mors Kochanski – Try Stick

by Manse Ahmad



Mors Kochanski talks about his Try Sticks as an excellent way to practice and develop skillful use of a knife as a carving tool. It allows you to make a number of different cuts, using different techniques in a single piece of wood.

I find it excellent whenever I get a new knife, as it allows me to use all parts of the knife, and get a good understanding of the knifes capabilities.

A try stick is an excellent way to improve your knife skills

Mors Kochanski Try Stick

The best type of wood to make a Try Stick, is any straight grained and knot free wood. I prefer using Willow (Salix), Hazel (Corylus) and Lime (Tilia), although I have used others.

The ideal length should be armpit to finger tips and two to three centimetres in diameter.

A more detailed post on the different cuts will follow soon.


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