Our new You Tube Channel

by Manse Ahmad

We have spent a few years pondering the advantages and disadvantage of having a You Tube channel.

It was only recently that one of our new instructors (Tim) managed to persuade me that we should get one and that he would help! Well that started the ball rolling, and suddenly I realised the new mountain that had to be climbed, and it was steep!

I did have a slight advantage being a keen photographer, I wouldn’t need to learn the basics of framing, rule of thirds, etc. But there was so much more to learn!

Questions started presenting themselves; what camcorder should we use? what about sound and lighting? what have we got to offer that is different? what will make us different?

As you can imagine, once you start asking these sort of questions, they continue to emerge and challenge your thinking; well they certainly challenged mine! So with the help of Tim, I reverted to my tried and tested acronym: KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid)! and it certainly helped…initially. Well that worked for a very short period of time, that was until Tim threw a massive spanner in the works!

Anyway, to cut a very long story short, after much anguish, many mistakes, lots of swearing, walking away in anger, trial and error, and abuse being repeatedly hurled at Tim (sorry Tim), we managed to produce some videos.

You be the judge and tell us what you think.


Our You Tube channel name is Wilderness Pioneers, please do have a look and let us know what you think in the comments below. Its with your help that we will get better and deliver content that you would like to see.




Simon said:

Hello where in Oxfordshire are you based?


Manse said:

Hi Simon, we are primarily based on the edge of Oxford to the West.


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