Plants And Trees

A day learning about the plants and trees in our countryside. We will look at foraging for food, medicine, string making, tinder and other utility, superstitions, history and folklore.


Correct harvesting will be covered along with identification techniques. We will also show you the poisonous flora that needs to be left well alone. This is a fascinating course and you will learn a great deal about improvising from nature and being able to look after your needs from nature’s supermarket.

Forgotten Knowledge

As little as 100 years ago and long before, our ancestors didn’t have the NHS, free hospital treatment or chemist shops. Only the rich could afford doctors fees and in years of poor crop yields, famine and illness country folk had to rely on their knowledge of wild plants and trees to feed and cure themselves of medical complaints. In days gone by this knowledge would have been widely known even by children.

Digging pignuts for a snack on the way to school, pressing a poultice of woundwort onto a gashed leg, harvesting silverweed or burdock tubers and roots as a vegetable substitute, drinking ‘gill tea’ to ease bronchial complaints or making a meadowsweet tisane to cure a headache. The list goes on and on. Nowadays in our convenient modern world this knowledge is slowly becoming forgotten. We re-kindle and teach this almost forgotten knowledge on our wild plant & tree course and we are sure you will find this wonderful subject as fascinating as we do.

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