Deer in a Day

Join us in the glorious Wytham Woods learning how to butcher a deer culled from Wytham Wood itself.

Venison is an incredible wild meat available in abundance in the wilds. It is nutritious, with lovely flavour and also one of the most sustainable meats that can be sourced in the UK.

During this packed day, you will learn all about the natural cycle of deer, how and why they are culled and the role they play in Wytham Woods.

This is an in depth, hands on day, where you will learn how to skin, butcher and prepare your own deer from the extensive knowledge of our hunter and butcher. In addition you will pick up tips and tricks of an experienced butcher. The skills that you learn during this day will give you confidence to tackle many butchery tasks at home.

The course fee includes all tuition, use of equipment, etc. Please bring your own apron.

At the end of the day, you will package up and take home all the meat that you prepare during the day.

Please remember to bring a cool box and ice packs.

Deer in a Day

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Please call us on 07527 265 330 or Email: if you would like to book a place on this course.

Course Date:

13th May 2023

Course Info.

Duration1 day
Course size6
Course start time10:00am
Course end time5:00pm
CateringBring a packed lunch
Tea & Coffee provided